Le Dessert
Le Dessert
About us
Le Dessert is more than a bakery - patisserie. This is a piece of France in Kazakhstan!
About us
Our bakery-patisserie opened its doors in 2015. This is a family project, where the most important thing is that we share warm energy with our guests. What is artisan production? It's when products are handmade, and, therefore, we put a piece of our soul into everything we do.
We're proud of…
Our team of bakers, pastry chefs, cooks, our administrators, salesmen, baristas, technical staff. They are passionate, sincere, creative people. Everything you love so much is made by their hands.
Live bread with sourdough
Our bread is baked several times a day in small batches and is sold only on the day of baking, the period for its sale is no more than 12 hours.
Viennese pastries according to French recipes
The main secret of our croissants is the dough made from the finest flour of the highest quality, generously saturated with real butter. A distinctive feature of our croissants is 50 layers of thin dough, woven inside with the finest "spider web".
Cocktail desserts
Cocktail desserts or mini desserts from Le Dessert are tiny desserts in which we have no equal. Delicate French pastries to be admired - perfect for formal receptions as well as family events. Even if you are planning a nice get-together with your friends, cocktail desserts are a great solution. After all, they are so lovely that they will decorate any event.
Our Team
Chef Pastry
Our creative pastry chef, a fan of his craft, studied at the legendary French school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Make any of your sweet dreams come true.
Chef Baker
Our talented and open-minded chef baker who is in love with his profession. He improved his qualifications in France and Germany. He always follows the novelties in the world and tries to bring something new to our assortment.
Our beloved administrator who will find an approach to any guest and select the best menu for your event. Always connected, and happy to answer all your questions.
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